Donald Trump’s Tweet’s January 12th, 2017 4 Tweets L.L. Bean endorsement , and more about CNN “fake media”

 A Very slow day for the Donald, a whole whopping 4 tweets. But there are many thoughts on the second one of the day from me.  Maybe with the 9 tweets average a day I cannot focus on one topic, or maybe because one tweet may effect my business  today I am able to focus on one.    The second one was about LL Bean.  Apparently many of the LL Bean family members have a share in the company, and one family member named in the bottom tweet has endorsed trump enthusiastically .  Trump then does a public tweet endorsement  LL Bean, the company, to buy from them.  First off let me say ,  I am by no way supporting a boycott on LL BEAN, nor do I think anyone else should, because Trump is an idiot.  LL Bean does employ a lot of people in the US, having a call center , a warehouse and shipping department,  maybe a dozen retail stores, and a select few boots and dog bed covers are still made  in the US.  I, of all people, understand about having family members with different views, I have a lot of Aunts, Uncles, 1st cousins, and siblings.  No way would I want to be associated with any of my crazy family members views just because I was related (and some of my family member views are crazy and off the Wall).   What irritates me about this whole “tweet”,  besides Trump being an idiot, is LL BEAN only makes a few select boots in the US and Canada, and the dog bed covers, the majority of shoes and all clothing is made in China or other countries like El Salvador ect.  On one hand I love LL bean for their return policy, they take ANYTHING from their company back and replace it with either a new product or a gift card.  I have used this service many times on shoes and book bags I have purchased for the kids. The item does not hold up anymore, so I send them back no questions asked.   I honestly don’t get how hypocritical this endorsement was considering how much trade with China and other countries seem to be one of Trump’s major stands, considering LL  Bean is as guilty of outsourcing as many American companies.  Over 90% (I did not research the exact percentage because I recycled my LL Bean catalog, but I am sure it is much higher) of their products are made over sea’s now.  LL Bean likes to give the illusion of US made tradition.
    We make the majority of  our income off of Ebay and Etsy selling used clothing and items.  The resale on their clothing online is great for my business, I have about 30 used LL bean Items in stock right now and you can tell the difference between the vintage items made in the USA and the new items made in China. The clothing made in the USA is excellent quality that it still hold a high resale value 20 to 30 years later. The newer clothing still sells, but not as fast and for as high of a price as the older items. I really hope this boycott does not effect us, used items should not count, right ?  I hope not. 

Congrats to the Senate for taking the first step to – now it’s onto the House! – at Trump Tower

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  • James Clapper called me yesterday to denounce the false and fictitious report that was illegally circulated. Made up, phony facts.Too bad!

    Then bashing CNN as fake news.  I can see into the future and I can see Trump is going to try and do his own new station that only reads positive articles on him.  The idea is very frighting, but will also give the “fake” news more thing to work on for fair reporting.
      Then he was gloating about the start of repealing ACA.  I really wish he would call it ACA because a whole lot of people are confused, thinking Obama Care is different than ACA.  It’s just a term people use, the care is the same.  What are people in the Marketplace going to do when they loose their insurance.  I saw his press conference a few days ago and a rough quote I remember is….  we are going to get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something better.  Maybe the replacement will be in the next weeks, days, or hours, I just don’t know. ….  Very reassuring, what are people going to pay their medical bills with, you word.    I am sure the Nurses and Doctors will be ok waiting on their salaries, because you said you will replace it months later.  Your word means nothing Donald, Your word does not make the mortgage or car payment.  Just think of the insanity that will ensue, new tender of Donald’s word. I have 20 of Donald’s word, can I buy some milk and bread……   I hope, for the majority of peoples sake, people do not loose their insurance.

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